Fabulous Hair Weaves

The Face in Leesburg, Virginia, offers hair loss products worth investing in. Aside from wigs, we also have human and synthetic hair weaves to conceal bald spots discreetly. A skillful stylist can create elegant-looking weaves, making people wonder you’re wearing a weave or have a head full of natural hair. This is perfect for people who can’t wait until their hair grows long again.

Choose Your Style

Signature weaves are sewn in. Some styles come with closures while others come with closures and nets. These can be cut, flat ironed, or curled, as well as open or closed, depending on your preference.

Short Hair

Instead of cutting your hair short, we can do a weave creating an illusion of shorter locks. This is suitable for people who want their hair short today and want it long on some days.

You'll never have to worry about your hair again!​

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We take a non-surgical approach to solve hair loss problems and let you enjoy having smooth, healthy hair.